Sunday, March 6, 2011

A new beginning

A lot has changed in my life within the last few weeks and I haven't been able to catch a breath! To start with, I received a job offer from an incredible company that I have long admired. I am completely thrilled about this opportunity and the exciting new direction my career is heading. It is a fusion of all aspects of marketing - including special events! I also am moving (this week!) and found a cozy apartment in Marin County, which is just north of San Francisco.

And of course, as Murphy's law would have it, all sorts of loose ends have popped up that need to be tightened. So for now, my entire life is packed away in boxes as I spend these days gathering my belongings from storage units scattered between Northern and Southern California. I know I have been neglecting this little virtual space as of late, but once I've moved and settled into my new routine, I will return with regular posts. For now, please enjoy the cover of a lovely journal by Papaya Art gifted to me by a dear friend.

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