Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Technical difficulties

If you follow astrology at all, then you know what Mercury retrograde means. Astrologers believe this configuration brings miscommunications, delays and problems with electronics. And that pretty sums up the last week for me. I have been having a lot of difficulty with my computer, my internet connection and my blog posts within Blogger. It took me two hours to load the images for my last post! I want to apologize for the lapse in posts - I am really hoping once Mercury goes out of retrograde (December 30th) we'll be back in business.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gift ideas... for anyone in need of organization

I love the holidays, I truly do. The magic of twinkle lights, evergreen trees and boughs and cozy nights in front of the fireplace. But, once you step outside into the metropolitan jungle, it's not as picture perfect. The roadways are jammed, every store is crowded and the panic, the frenzy and the undercurrents of mayhem are a panic attack waiting to happen. All this chaos has me dreaming of an organized Christmas. Here are some gift ideas to bring a little bit of calm in the midst of the Christmas storm to anyone's life...

Wrapping paper storage bag here

Three section laundry sorter here

Car organizer here

Perfect for solution for my road trip to San Francisco for the holidays here

A garden tool tote set for your green thumbed loved ones here

this genius portable desk organizer here (the marketing is pretty cheesy but it is a beautiful solution to your home office)

Poketo notebook and portfolio = Notefolio (with an envelope for receipts, cards, etc.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday inspired elopement idea

I just spotted this wedding shoot over at Sparkle and Hay and it's the perfect inspiration for a holiday-themed elopement with your nearest and dearest - enjoy!

I am stalking this photo shoot so I also found more photos
here and here.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Inspired holiday tablescape

I just spotted this beautiful tablescape over at the Sweetest Occasion and originating from Restored Style (great new blog discovery!). It's fun to see a few of my favorite things all utilized in one place - red berries, a farmhouse table (I want this one), rosemary, twine and wood candle holders. There is some serious genius found in simplicity.

Eco-lifestyle: Adopt an endangered species

Have you ever wished you could have a pet tiger, wolf or snow leopard? Now you can, without having to worry about what your landlord would think. This year you can help the World Wildlife Fund protect the Earth's endangered species by adopting one.

The Species Adoption Package is $50 and includes a soft plush version of the adopted animal, a Species Spotlight card full of fascinating information about the animal, an adoption certificate, and a color photo of the adopted animal all packaged in a drawstring gift bag.

If you are having difficulty deciding which animal to adopt, pick one that is critically endangered. The list includes tigers, sea turtles, Amur Leopards, Mekong Dolphins and the Darwin Fox. My personal favorite is the grey wolf who is currently at risk of being stripped of its endangered species status by special interest groups in Idaho and Montana who are trying to legalize "revenge killing"of livestock. WWF is trying to restore and preserve wolf habitat to solve the issue.

How many people can boast that they have a pet polar bear or snowy owl? Not only does this delightful gift educate and inspire animal lovers and children, but it is a very satisfying to the gift giver to contribute to a solution to saving these spectacular creatures.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Inspired gift idea: Numi tea

I have the opportunity to chat with someone from Numi Tea today. As a tea lover, it's exciting to learn more about one of the top tea producers from an insider. Numi Tea is one of those rare products that is an ecologically sustainable superstar. All of Numi's products are certified organic with a wide range of exotic flavors from Chocolate Puerh Black Tea to White Nectar Osmanthus Tea.

For those of you dedicated to the eco-lifestyle like I am, you will be happy to know that Numi's packaging is produced from 85 percent post-consumer waste, which annually conserves more than 5,202 trees and reduces landfill by 334,560 pounds. Numi also participates in a carbon offset program with Big Tree Climate Fund which is an organization I support.

I have previously mentioned my love for bamboo in this post, which I apparently share with Numi. Numi's gift boxes and tea chests are made from bamboo. This lovely set found at World Market would make a delightful holiday gift for any tea lover.

My favorite Numi product, is the gorgeous flowering tea collection which are an atheistically and sybaritic sensuous experience making for a lovely and truly unique gift.

Romantic elopement

The blogging world is giving elopements a lot of love these days which happily supports my theory that eloping is a viable wedding alternative and an emerging market. This exquisite elopement by Jill Thomas beautifully captures the romantic essence of celebrating your vows quietly with those you love.

With a simple celebration the small details have so much more impact - wildflowers adorning the bride's hair, autumn leaves entwined in the bouquet, a vivid, draped dress set against the quiet backdrop of a forest on a misty day... completely enchanting!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Healthy Beauty: Secrets of Longevity

I recently bought this incredible book as a gift for the mister but it was so good that I kinda already borrowed it - permanently. Secrets of Longevity by Dr. Maoshing Ni is packed full of amazing natural health remedies for a strong immune system, balanced body, longevity and the ever-elusive preservation of youth. There are so many simple and inspiring new ideas that I will be sharing exerts from the book each week for Healthy Beauty.

Here is an easy one to jump start your longevity:

"Vim and Vinegar. In your quest for longevity look to those who have found it. Apple cider vinegar has been a part of the health regiment of centenarians throughout the world. Its acetic and butyric acids promote gastrointestinal health by balancing pH and encouraging friendly bifido bacterial growth. Vinegar has antiseptic and antibiotic properties; it may also help to reverse atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, and dissolve gall and kidney stones."

*I have also heard that Apple Cider Vinegar aids weight loss so here is a link with a little more detail.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Eco-lifestyle: Pure green living magazine

If you haven't had a chance to check out the gorgeous new online magazine that reminds me of my beloved Domino magazine rush over to Every virtual page is dripping with beautiful photographs and inspiring ideas for living sustainably with style.

My favorite feature this month is a perfect eco-minded DIY celebration of the holiday season. Instead of the wasteful tradition of cutting down a tree this holiday, follow Pure Green's cue by using a potted living tree. Pure Green recommends using a tree no larger than three feet high and covering the pot with an upcycled coffee bag. The simplicity of decorating with natural elements lends a rustic charm to your home. Trim the tree with pine cones, berries and ribbons and once the holiday is over, give the earth a gift by planting your living tree.

And thanks to the magazine's eco gift guide, I've discovered some amazing new blogs... Organic Cents and Simply Grove, where have you been all my life?!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Inspired faces places and things

I have recently taken up knitting which is something I've always wanted to learn. Knitting keeps me occupied whenever I'm idle and is relaxing and highly addictive. I have three projects underway which are all scarves using the basic knit stitch method. I wanted to master this stitch before I learned a new technique. It's been really fun to see my knitting improve as I go. My first scarf (the white one below) is full of holes, but the latest one I have been able to actually knit without looking at my stitches. Once I finish all three I'm going to post photos and then onto learning the purl stitch!
Not only is knitting a huge stress reliever, but it also is a powerful brain booster. Knitting engages both the left and right side of the brain. I read an article by a chief scientic officer of Neuroscience solutions who said "At around 30, our memory and congnitive and motor abilities begin to decline, but anytime you learn a new skill, you change the brain physically."
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