Friday, February 4, 2011

Egg Press for Blue Sky Daily Calendar

I have a few old-school habits that I refuse to part with - no matter how far technology advances. One of them, is keeping a good old-fashioned hard-copy weekly & monthly planner. Since it will be a constant companion for the next 365 days it needs to be pretty special. I finally found "the one"! It's Egg Press Bursts Planner Diary by Blue Sky. Egg Press, a letterpress greeting card designer, temporarily teamed up with Blue Sky, a daily planner designer, to produce an exclusive designer line for Target. I was lucky enough to score one - on sale! Only select Targets carry it (and finding them on the Target website are hopeless), but I did find them on Blue Sky's website if you are in the market.

Here is a link to my own calendar - you can't tell by the photo, but it has a nice cloth cover and the "bursts" are so very cheery it makes every day feel like a celebration. I always save my calendars, because it's fun to look back a couple years to see what you were up to that day. I detail my appointments, my shopping lists, the new wine I've tried, what I ate for dinner, travel information and even who I saw that day. No matter how mundane, I always get a kick out of looking back and piecing together a simple day that ordinarily would have been forgotten. Now you can't do that if you keep it all in your phone!


  1. Lovely planner, I too, am a hard copy planner girl. Sadly, I do need to start keeping an online calendar as well, they are not nearly as pretty.

  2. I am so with you on this. I've tried keeping a calendar online but it doesn't seem to work for me! My favorite one is the bottom one you've posted - how happy! :)


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