Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eco-lifestyle: Nature's air filtration system

My parents installed an air filtration system into their home and I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. Then I unknowingly moved to a pollen ridden dust bowl and developed allergies which incapacitated me. Suddenly, my parent's home became a welcome haven. Pollen season returned in full swing, and all hopped up on Benadryl I started shopping for air filters. I am pretty sure I found the coolest air filter ever invented.

Andrea Air Filter blends art and science to clean and oxygenate homes using living plants, soil and water. The leaves of the plant draws polluted air from the environment and absorbs it, naturally metabolizing it through the plant system. This system eliminates harmful gases beyond simply collecting it on a filter surface. Andrea is causing quite a stir in the scientific community for this achievement. I'm sure it will eventually hit the main stream, and once it does, I hope that people truly come to understand how much we depend on plants to purify the air we breathe, and in essence, survive. I know I have found a newfound respect for the lil' green guys.

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