Monday, June 21, 2010

Eco-lifestyle: Bamboo drinking straws

There is a mass of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean twice the size of Texas. Read more here. The ramifications to this are staggering. Not only does it kill wildlife who get caught in the tangle, marine wildlife is consuming the particles of plastic which obviously makes it's way into our food. The need for alternatives to plastic are obvious and require immediate action. There are a multitude of new products emerging every day. Bamboo drinking straws is one such product that caught my eye. It is a small change we can all make is replace the use of plastic drinking straws.

These lovely bamboo alternatives are not only cool but biodegradable and last much longer then their plastic step-sibling. For more about bamboo read my post about bamboo here.

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  1. Devouring the eco-posts. Yay!


    P.S. Your newest follower.


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