Monday, June 7, 2010

Eco-lifestyle: Très trailer

I am inspired by the iPhone. I am enamored with the convenience of having every tool I need at my fingertips. I used to carry a cell phone, iPod and a camera. Before I switched cell phone carriers, I had them all in one sweet little package - not to mention all the applications I never knew I couldn't live without. What does the iPhone have to do with trailers?

Pre-fabricated modular housing reminds me of the iPhone concept. The former "trailer" market has transformed into a streamlined green building art form. I love the idea of simplifying life with cleaner, simpler and just plain cooler designs with a multitude of uses. And the best part is they are ecologically friendly, designed to leave a small footprint on the land. Clean contemporary lines, paired with simple, ecologically-sound materials make for stylish spaces that maximize their functionality.

Imagine having a 500 square foot home complete with ample closet and cabinet space cleverly built into nooks and crannies, open living space with ample windows that can withstand the elements, and a home so packed with energy efficient construction options that it can operate independent of any sources outside itself. This is the concept of the prefab home, and here are a few of my favorites:

HOM based in Los Angeles not only offers prefab homes, but with a product line of furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories, it incorporates an entire lifestyle that is crafted to be simple, purposeful and ecological.

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Modern Cabana based in San Francisco offers a great starter package into the prefab world with a fully finished 10 x 12 studio starting at $11,500.

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Not only does Reclaimed Space of Austin, TX have some of the most charming prefab cottages around, it takes sustainability to new heights by offering homes with materials cultivated from deconstructive projects like old barns. The company provides green building options such as photovoltaic solar panel systems, wind turbines, solar water heaters, rainwater collection systems, waterless solar toilets and composting toilets.

This adorable abode by Reclaimed Space was displayed by Dwell on Design and was auctioned on eBay for $75,000. Proceeds were donated to Habitat for Humanity. The irresistible interior decor was created by Ecofabulous using green products.

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