Monday, December 13, 2010

Eco-lifestyle: Adopt an endangered species

Have you ever wished you could have a pet tiger, wolf or snow leopard? Now you can, without having to worry about what your landlord would think. This year you can help the World Wildlife Fund protect the Earth's endangered species by adopting one.

The Species Adoption Package is $50 and includes a soft plush version of the adopted animal, a Species Spotlight card full of fascinating information about the animal, an adoption certificate, and a color photo of the adopted animal all packaged in a drawstring gift bag.

If you are having difficulty deciding which animal to adopt, pick one that is critically endangered. The list includes tigers, sea turtles, Amur Leopards, Mekong Dolphins and the Darwin Fox. My personal favorite is the grey wolf who is currently at risk of being stripped of its endangered species status by special interest groups in Idaho and Montana who are trying to legalize "revenge killing"of livestock. WWF is trying to restore and preserve wolf habitat to solve the issue.

How many people can boast that they have a pet polar bear or snowy owl? Not only does this delightful gift educate and inspire animal lovers and children, but it is a very satisfying to the gift giver to contribute to a solution to saving these spectacular creatures.

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