Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Healthy Beauty: Secrets of Longevity

I recently bought this incredible book as a gift for the mister but it was so good that I kinda already borrowed it - permanently. Secrets of Longevity by Dr. Maoshing Ni is packed full of amazing natural health remedies for a strong immune system, balanced body, longevity and the ever-elusive preservation of youth. There are so many simple and inspiring new ideas that I will be sharing exerts from the book each week for Healthy Beauty.

Here is an easy one to jump start your longevity:

"Vim and Vinegar. In your quest for longevity look to those who have found it. Apple cider vinegar has been a part of the health regiment of centenarians throughout the world. Its acetic and butyric acids promote gastrointestinal health by balancing pH and encouraging friendly bifido bacterial growth. Vinegar has antiseptic and antibiotic properties; it may also help to reverse atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, and dissolve gall and kidney stones."

*I have also heard that Apple Cider Vinegar aids weight loss so here is a link with a little more detail.

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